Ridureyu: Yo
Ridureyu: Do me a favour
Miraimike: hi
Ridureyu: and just quiet down on PN about this
Ridureyu: Skull will deal with it when he comes back
Ridureyu: if E decides to fire HIM
Ridureyu: then itr's his loss as all the moderation walks out
Ridureyu: and E won't have Skull to pay the MB's server bills
Miraimike: I'll be leaving also
Ridureyu: otherwise, we're jsuit doing nothing
Ridureyu: You're already leaving?
Miraimike: If things don't go back to normal
Ridureyu: Define "Normal?
Ridureyu: and I thought you were against the censor bypass rule
Miraimike: as they were before this little incident
Miraimike: status quo
Miraimike: I am
Ridureyu: Then why complain because E revokes it?
Miraimike: but E is doing it for the wrong reason
Ridureyu: Heh
Ridureyu: So now youw ant it to stay?
Ridureyu: Dude
Miraimike: No
Ridureyu: Your motives are a lot more selfish than you think
Ridureyu: "he's doing what I want, but not WHY I want it"
Ridureyu: "So I'll fight it!"
Miraimike: That's not selfishness
Miraimike: let me give you an example
Ridureyu: heh
Ridureyu: As I said, let Skull deal with this
Miraimike: As I said before, I'll do my job
Miraimike: If E bypasses, then I'll warn him
Ridureyu: And your job is not to sit around and ytell aty the webmaster
Ridureyu: no
Ridureyu: You will not
Miraimike: My job is to warn everyone who breaks the rules
Ridureyu: because I will delete those warnings
Ridureyu: and the rules are CHANGED
Ridureyu: unless Skull turns them back to normal
Miraimike: whether or not he wants to revoke them is his decision
Miraimike: but I will continue
Ridureyu: heh
Ridureyu: E is the webmaster
Miraimike: Skullmac is my boss
Ridureyu: PERIOD
Ridureyu: E is Skull's boss
Miraimike: not E
Ridureyu: if your boss's boss says somehting
Ridureyu: you do it
Miraimike: not Majin Buu
Ridureyu: E and Skulla re your bosses
Miraimike: not you
Miraimike: Skullmac is
Ridureyu: What about Mr. E?
Ridureyu: is he your boss too?
Ridureyu: heh
Ridureyu: Hello?
Miraimike: If you work for a company, you don't go ask the president how you should do your job
Miraimike: you ask the manager
Ridureyu: that's not my question
Miraimike: E is the president
Ridureyu: if the president tells you to do something
Ridureyu: do you do it
Ridureyu: or do you ignore him?
Ridureyu: E is the president
Ridureyu: Therefore, he has the authority to order youa round
Ridureyu: if the president says "do this"
Ridureyu: you DO IT
Ridureyu: you do NOT sit and complain
Ridureyu: Now
Ridureyu: what's your answer?
Miraimike: I will do my job
Ridureyu: As the president told you?
Ridureyu: You're being a stubborn fool
Ridureyu: WIll you continue to break mr. E's rules?
Miraimike: I will follow Skullmac's rules
Ridureyu: YES OR NO
Ridureyu: YES OR NO
Miraimike: I will do as Skullmac says, and until he says otherwise, I will enforce the rule
Ridureyu: YES OR NO
Miraimike: No
Miraimike: No
Miraimike: No
Ridureyu: All right
Ridureyu: however
Ridureyu: I have the right tod emod you
Ridureyu: by E's rules
Ridureyu: and SKull's, too
Ridureyu: Skull once told me about obeying E's rules
Miraimike: You can take that up with MrE
Ridureyu: he stated that E is supreme
Ridureyu: Skull said this:
Ridureyu: "if E wants someone banned, I can't complain about it"
Ridureyu: you know
Ridureyu: just a few weeks ago you were all for ignoring Skullmac
Miraimike: When was this?
Ridureyu: When we last argued about censor bypasses
Miraimike: I disagreed with him
Ridureyu: Heh
Ridureyu: ANd yous aid that you'd break the rule
Ridureyu: including not wanring people for bypasses
Miraimike: but I never said I would ignore him
Ridureyu: You're the hypocrite here
Miraimike: You never see me bypassing, do you?
Ridureyu: heh
Ridureyu: here
Ridureyu: I'
Ridureyu: ll make it easy
Ridureyu: Obey Mr. E until SKullr eovokes what E says
Ridureyu: or if he does
Ridureyu: that's not a request
Ridureyu: I am above you in authority here
Miraimike: Says who?
Ridureyu: Says Skull
Miraimike: Who stated that an admin ranked over a mod
Miraimike: ?
Ridureyu: says the Dai-Kaioshin thingie
Miraimike: Skullmac is my boss
Ridureyu: heh
Ridureyu: And Mr. E isn't?
Miraimike: indirectly
Ridureyu: Look, dude
Ridureyu: it's this:
Ridureyu: E and SKull

Ridureyu: it was that way when i was a mod
Miraimike: but in the way you speak, the site host is our boss also
Ridureyu: and their were admins above me
Ridureyu: when an admin says "This is not a request"
Ridureyu: you don't just ignore them
Miraimike: Listen, this is pretty damn confusing, alright?
Ridureyu: OI have a qwuestion
Ridureyu: if youa re a Private in the army
Ridureyu: and your sergeant gives you one order
Ridureyu: but your GENERAL gives youa conflicting one
Ridureyu: who do you obey?
Miraimike: yeah?
Miraimike: the sergeant
Ridureyu: Then you're court-martialed
Ridureyu: and thrown in jail
Miraimike: then the sergeant is responsible to the general
Ridureyu: you f***ing moron
Miraimike: the sergeant is court martialed
Ridureyu: You are
Ridureyu: not him
Miraimike: NO
Ridureyu: and one thing
Ridureyu: I disagree with mr. E
Miraimike: I know the military
Ridureyu: But I am NOT going to be an idiot like you
Ridureyu: in fact
Ridureyu: I do have the power to demod/ban you if y6ou kjeep this up
Ridureyu: and I'd do it quietly, without any fuss
Ridureyu: look, you're a friend
Ridureyu: but I';ve had to ban friends before
Ridureyu: now
Ridureyu: you're saying that Skullmac should be fired
Ridureyu: that's your logic
Ridureyu: and E is a higher authority
Ridureyu: what E says is law
Ridureyu: period.
Ridureyu: Skull can challenege it
Ridureyu: but until he DOES
Ridureyu: E's word stands as law.
Miraimike: and Skull is on
Ridureyu: until Skull does counteract E
Ridureyu: then E's word is the official law
Ridureyu: good
Ridureyu: I hope he revokes E's ruling
Ridureyu: :-)
Ridureyu: but until he does
Ridureyu: you have to go by his rules
Ridureyu: There's no way around it