There was a time, long ago, when the planet Tasbah could have offered a good amount of resistance. Not much- mind you, its inhabitants were not the best ki fighters in existence. However its terrain was harsh enough to hold back any attackers for an amazing amount of time. Because of this fact they miraculously survived for a good while even when forced to face King Cold and his Empire Forces on one side, and King Vegeta and his Saiya-jin on the other. But, like all others who dared oppose either side, the inhabitants of Tasbah fell, anyway. Instead of being wiped out by either vast army, they signed a deal that gave the planet over to King Vegeta, while consigning every member of the race to Cold's army. This way both sides made a profit.

And so, the day came that King Vegeta and King Cold sent their emissaries to Tasbah to watch the deal go through. The Tasbah-jin loaded themselves into their ships, and then promptly destroyed themselves and their planet. Rather than fully surrender, the Tasbah-jin, men, women, and children all, destroyed themselves and their planet in one tremendous parting gift. Neither Cold nor Vegeta was on the planet, unfortunately, although they had lost more than a few of their valued men as Tasbah erupted in a blast that seemed to mock them, saying, /Vegeta, Cold, come watch the show! The fireworks are glorious today!/ King Cold laughed. He laughed hard. This was something he would have done. But that was in the past now.

Zarbon looked out of the view port at Rigel 7 looming before him. This reminded him too much of Tasbah. Just like on Tasbah, Cold's troops had defeated the planet's army, when something had happened that cut off all communications with... well, with anybody. Ordinarily Cold would have sent a few peons to check it out, and if they failed to report back, he would have torched the surface and THEN seen if anybody dared to fight back anymore. But for some strange reason he had instead opted to send most of his elite troops down. Zarbon shook his head and turned around, making a mental count of everyone for the eighth time to make sure that he wasn't crazy.

Nope, they were all here. Everyone from real elites like the Ginyu Force to minor elites like Dodoria and Kewi. Zarbon himself was in the upper middle of the elite scale, with a power level of 30,000 when transformed. That put him in the Ginyu Force level, although he could only join if one of them happened to pop off, and he had no interest in being one of those posing freaks anyway. There was a snort of crude laughter behind him, followed by the sound of a fleshy hand hitting someone. Dodoria was at it again, probably soused as well. Zarbon let out a deep sigh as he turned around to see him beating on the minor henchmen again. That man annoyed him to no end, with his schoolyard bully antics.

One of the reasons why Zarbon never liked the Saiya-jin was the same reason why he had never liked Dodoria much- it was foolish to have balls bigger than your head. They made for one hell of a weak spot. Dodoria turned toward Zarbon, laughing, shouting to no one in particular, "I'll take any of you on!! I'm the king! C'mon, someone! Join in! Yehahaha!"

Zarbon took off his scouter with as delicate a touch as though he was handling a rose and handed it to one of the many techs standing at their posts. He disappeared from view.

When Zarbon re-appeared, he had his fist firmly planted in Dodoria's sizeable gut. The pink alien made a guttural noise signaling that he was about to vomit, so Zarbon simply popped behind him (isn't the Zanzoken technique handy?) and planted his knee directly in the crack of Dodoria's rear end, making him strain with even more pain (and momentarily forget about throwing up). As Dodoria tipped forward Zarbon stepped in front of him and sucker-pinched him once on his jaw, sending him down in a quivering pink pile. Idiot.

"That's what friends are for, right?" he said calmly to Dodoria as though he were telling him the weather. Zarbon took his scouter back and stepped out of the room, completely unaware that that was the last time he would ever speak to Dodoria, or most of the people in that room, for that matter.

Jeice followed him out. "Zarbon," he put a hand on his shoulder, "Don't you think you went a little overboard there? We might have to put him in the regen tank now, and that would slow us up a little."

"I only bruised his pride," Zarbon said, throwing Jeice's hand off. He liked Jeice, and Jeice liked him, which was apparent from their similar styles and some of their mannerisms. Zarbon had been "in the business" a lot longer then Jeice, and had taken the "boy" (Jeice was twenty-seven when he joined) under his wing for a while. The fact that Jeice was now more powerful than he was didn't bother Zarbon that much. He valued his friendship more than who could piss farther. And besides that, Zarbon had managed to land a steady mate for the past five years, unlike Jeice, who was always flitting from girl to girl.

"I daresay he deserved it," Jeice said, a hint of a smile crossing his face, "In fact, I was about to deck him myself had you not beaten me to it. I ought to deck you!" He raised a mock fist and laughed somewhat. Zarbon joined him. Friendship seemed to be the one thing that neither Cold nor Vegeta could touch with their iron grip.


Exactly fifteen minutes later the three saucer ships and twelve individual spherical space pods landed on Rigel 7's barren terrain. Zarbon got out and subconsciously checked the gravity and atmosphere before going any further. The gravity was a little light, and the air could use some thinning out, but other than that it was fine. But there was something that was most certainly not fine. He watched Dodoria waddle out of the ship, supported by Kewi. There it was again- that feeling of wrongness. /Something is wrong here. But what?/

"Is something bothering you, Zarbon?" It was Jeice again, and the look on his face suggested that he too sensed whatever it was that Zarbon had felt.

"I... I don't know. And shouldn't you be with Captain Ginyu?"

"I was taking a second to check on everything. I know what you mean. We shouldn't be here."

"Yes, I agree," Zarbon replied, distantly, "It's that same feeling that I get every time I... that I... Jeice, tell Captain Ginyu to assemble all the men! hurry!"

"Hurry? Why?"


"Yes, sir!" Jeice shouted, saluting. He saluted Zarbon out of respect for his friend, not out of respect for rank, since there really was no way to tell who was superior.

Zarbon had just realized what it was. The air wasn't just heavy, it was dead. Dead air. The air of a tomb. The only times that Zarbon had ever smelled air like this were when King Cold had torched a planet and left Nothing alive on the surface.

Well, almost nothing. Zarbon was beginning to get that tingly little feeling that he got whenever there was an extremely high ki around. He couldn't exactly sense ki levels, per se, but he could sense presences, and that was more than what most people could do. Right now it was as though the air crackled with intensity. He had only felt something this ferocious when either King Cold or King Vegeta or one of Cold's three top henchmen, (not present here) and even then it only happened when they were preparing to attack.

That last fact hit home in Zarbon's psyche like a hammer. He nearly lost all control with an urge to start screaming out loud in an effort to alert everybody. but that wouldn't help. Not at all. He'd just be locked up or worse, killed. He would put up one hell of a fight, though. /Wait! What am I thinking? I'm panicking! Slow down, Zarbon, slow down.../

"EVERYONE! IT'S A TRAP!! LOOK OUT!!!!" No sooner had Zarbon shouted that then had an extremely large and powerful ki blast come from out of nowhere and blew up one of the saucer ships, eradicating all the soldiers it hit. One of the casualties was Dodoria.

Six figures appeared on a nearby hilltop. None of whom were from Rigel 7. If he had met them under more casual circumstances, Zarbon would have laughed. They all looked the same. Each warrior had green skin and orange-red hair, and they each wore what appeared to be... pirate garb.

The leader was as musclebound as Captqain Ginyu, but he held his weight better. He had one of the hardest, most cruel faces that Zarbon had ever seen, /Not as bad as Cold's face, though,/ and held his hair in a bandanna. A large scar was across his chest. On his right side was a somewhat short woman, with about as much hair as Jeice. On his left was an averaged-sized warrior, with a sword girded at his side. Flanking the three of them were a laughably short character in a turban and an incredibly huge warrior with a beard. In the back was another, nondescript one, who basically melted into the background. He could have been the sword wielder's son.

Zarbon turned his scouter on, then turned it off before it finished registering. They were dead, all of them. That is, unless Captain Ginyu were to use his body switch, or Gurdo his time freeze...

"Welcome, everyone. My name is Bojack," The leader said, with the same approximate tone of voice as a pro wrestler. He sounded like an idiot. Bojack continued, "First, before we begin, let's even the odds a little, shall we?" He held out his hand and blasted Ginyu between the eyes, followed by Gurdo. "Now that their little tricks are done with, shall we begin?"

"DAMMIT!!" Zarbon shouted, tearing his scouter off as complete chaos erupted around them.

The six opponents stood in place, not moving a muscle. Psychological warfare. Burter got within three inches of the turban-wearer's face when he suddenly stopped in bid-air, as if held in place! Damn psychics!

"F... Fuck you!" Burter shouted as the short one blew him away, too.

All six warriors split up and started destroying everything that moved in their paths. Zarbon vaguely saw the large one kill Recuum in the corner of his eye, and targeted the sixth one, who might as well have been related to the sword guy. He almost made it before the aforementioned sword guy nearly cut his head off. Zarbon pulled back and fired a ki blast at either one of them randomly, and watched them dodge it and sensed the sword-wielder appear behind him. He leaned in toward Zarbon and whispered one word. "Die..." Zarbon turned around, resigning himself to the inevitable, when he saw Jeice make a running tackle on the man, knocking his sword out of his hand and knocking him away and into a different part of the fray.

"Thanks! I neede-"

Zarbon was cut off as the other character (who had been momentarily forgotten) fired a perfectly aimed ki blast through Jeice's throat. Zarbon watched his longtime friend fall to the ground dying.

"Shit! DAMN YOU!!" He shouted, wheeling around and hitting his opponent as hard as he possibly could. The green-skinned fighter blocked the blow, and countered with one of his own, before charging up one of his own blasts. "Let's see if your orange friend helps you now!"

Something in Zarbon snapped as he heard this... this bastard talking about killing Jeice! Zarbon charged up, letting out some strange shout that sounded primeival, with a blow that broke through his opponent's block, and continued to penetrate through his stomach and out his back.

The enemy looked up at him in utter shock and coughed up a generous amount of purple blood as Zarbon shot him a cold grin. "Let's see if your sword-wielding friend helps you now!" he said as he fired a huge ki blast, completely obliterating most of his nameless opponent's torso. He let the corpse drop to his feet. More. He must kill more. Zarbon just got up when he heard a feminine voice behind him. "Going somewhere?"

Zarbon tried to turn around just as a hard kick connected with his head and he knew no more.