"Be grateful that I took the time out of my busy schedule to show you this," King Cold told Zarbon, Zangya, and Bardock as he stood in front of a small saucerer ship.

"Yes, My lord," Zarbon said, clasping his right hand to his chest in a symbol of respect.

"This," King Cold continued, "Is your new ship. Consider it a gift from your ruler. Dr. Swiss will guide you through it." Cold gestured toward a green muppet-like doctor.

The three of them followed the odd creature inside their new vessel.

"Like most saucerer ships, the main rooms can all be accessed through one main circular hallway. In the center of the ship there are five main rooms, divided as follows. Navigation, Training, Medical, Culinary, and Recreational. The recreational room also has your only methods of communication with the outside world. Do any of you know how to operate a saucerer ship?"

"Of course I do," Zarbon answered.

"Same here," Bardock echoed.

"Yes," Zangya answered.

"Good," Dr. Swiss said, "Then we don't have to tour the navigational section. Follow me into the Medical Room."

They followed Dr. Swiss into an average sick bay built for a maximum of about six people or so.

They listened as Dr. Swiss explained the exact procedures for operating the regen tanks, and then how to use the other medical equipment or call for help if the others failed for any reason. Of course, the fact that one of the requirements to join any one of the armies/teams that the three of them were members of was to know first aid wasn't taken into account.

Next was the Culinary section. /Why don't they just call it a kitchen?/ Zarbon wondered to himself as they toured it and noticed that it was about three times the size of the medical bay. Those were priorities for you. After that was the training room, where Dr. Swiss gave them all a lecture on how to properly use a gravity machine. Then, finally, they were shown around the Recreational room, which was probably the largest of them all. Really what it amounted to was a multipurpose room where they were to do everything but cook, heal, train, fly the ship, and sleep. The bathrooms and showers were located there, as were all of the main work stations and computers. All communicators were there. Pretty much everything was there. Recreation wasn't the word for it. Living room would have fit more, if it didn't sound so damn suburban.

Finally the grand tour ended. Dr. Swiss turned back toward the three of them and asked one last time, "Are there any more questions?"




"Very well then," Swiss said, turning around, "I will now hand you over to King Cold. He should brief you on your mission. Are you sure that you don't have any questions? This is your last chance."

"We're sure," Zarbon answered.

"That's good. Goodbye, now." Doctor Swiss turned and walked away, leaving the three of them with King Cold.

"You are leaving tomorrow at exactly three in the afternoon," Cold began, getting right to the point. "Your mission is to seek out whoever employed Bojack and make him pay. Do this by whatever means neccesary, although I would suggest that you try to find Bojack first. When you have completed this mission, return for your next assignment. Also, I want you to return to either Planet Vegeta or Capital once very three weeks if possible for a full status report and to pick up your paycheck. Are we understood?"

"Yes," Zarbon said.

"Good. As I said before, you set out tomorrow. Enjoy today and tonight."