"And now, Kakarotto, you will die!" Toma shouted at the tail-less Saiya-jin on the ground in front of him. He had to admit, the guy had put up a good fight. He had never expected to find Kakarotto not only alive, but completely well and... one of those... weaklings. He had to kill him, of course. Better not to tell Bardock about this, though. He was a good Saiya-jin, but he was a little too weak when it came to interpersonal relationships, and such.

The fight was almost even at first- Toma's skill had declined seriously in the past ten years, but he very definitely had the upper hand, even when that green freak joined in the battle. Although the green guy had an extremely powerful drill beam at his disposal, Toma had easily disabled it by ripping off both of his arms and then knocking him unconscious. Only one thing left to do now, and that was to finish Kakarotto. After that, he had Kakarotto's son to take back home. Perhaps with the proper training they could use the squealing brat who was currently locked up inside Toma's space pod.

"COnsidering your heritage, Kakarotto, you are a failure," he said to the prone figure on the ground in front of him. "You should thank me for killing you now and sparing you and your son the humiliation of your life."

Kakarotto looked up. "Gohan?" he said weakly. "What are you going to do with him?"

"Nothing much," Toma responded, "Just bring him home and train him- make him one of us, of course. Too bad you won't get to see what kind of warrior he'll turn out to be." Toma began to charge up the killing blast that would finish Kakarotto, not noticing that the tail-less Saiya-jin's eyes blazed with a sudden fury.

"You- you're going to turn my son into... into one of you?!? NEVER!" Kakarotto cried, tears streaming from his eyes as he found the strength to jump up, fist held in front of himself for one last desperate charge against... against this demon who was going to turn his son into a monster! "I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!!"

Toma started, having not expected this. Quickly he dodged downward and to the left, letting Kakarotto's punch miss him entirely. Pressing his hand on Kakarotto's chest, Toma fired a huge ki blast into him at point blank range, sending him downward, with a new, smoking wound.

A somewhat muffled whine started up somewhere in the background. Toma paid it no attention. "You fool!" he shouted, almost laughing, "Did you really think you could defeat me?" That whine was growing in sound now. If Toma didn't know any better, he would have said that it was Kakarotto's brat crying, but no one that weak could scream loudly enough to be heard outside of a Saiya-jin space pod! "And now, you will die, and your brat will be mine!" Toma charged up another blast, this one powerful enough to do the job. "Prepare to die, fool!"

Just as he had said that, Toma's scouter read a huge ki directly behind him. Toma turned around and saw his pod glowing. "What the hell?" he said, as he realized that that whining noise was in fact the child, and that it had become more of an enraged scream. "1,500! No kid can have a power level like that!" Toma said to himself, desperately trying to convince himself that what he saw was not true.

The window of the pod shattered, and Gohan flew from it too fast for Toma to dodge. He hit Toma squarely in the stomach, shattering his armour. thbe Saiya-jin warrior coughed up a mouthful of blood and fell backward, breathing heavily. When he got up, his eyes flashed red. "Y-You!" he shouted, wiping his mouth with his bandanna. "You little brat! You know what? Fuck you! I'm not taking you to Vegeta! I'm killing you right now, in front of your father!"

As he began to charge up, Toma heard another sound behind him. He turned back and saw the green man (A small thought in the back of Toma's mind identified him as a Namek). He was standing up again, straining. "No, Toma," he said, still straining over something, "It's time for YOU to die!" Piccolo let out a primal shout as his right arm grew back in place. Toma could feel the ki surrounding him even without a scouter. "I haven't been unconscious. I've been charging up for your special birthday present. MAKANKOSAPPO!!!!" Piccolo shouted, firing his distinctive drill beam directly at Toma.

This time the Saiya-jin had no time to dodge it. The blast hit him squarely in the chest, drilling a hole through him as he screamed. With a splatter of blood it came out Toma's back, and still fired for a while more before Piccolo finished the beam and collapsed from the strain. Toma fell to the ground, a basketball-sized portion of his torso missing.

Gokou got up and looked down at him. "This is where your violence got you, Toma. I do not pity you."

But instead of begging for help or the usual reaction, Toma began to laugh in a hoarse cackle that sent more blood out of his mouth.

"You fools!" he shouted, "You will all die! Another great Saiya-jin- a personal friend of mine, will avenge me! He will not let my death go! He will come and destroy you all!"

"How long until he comes?" Gokou asked.

"Five days at the most," Toma cackled. "Kakarotto, one more thing."

"My name is Gokou!" Gokou shouted.

"Gokou," Toma said, using all of his strength to undo the blood-soaked bandanna from around his neck. "Gokou, when the Saiya-jin comes, I want you to give this to him, in rememberance of me. It will make him respect you more before he kills you," toma said, offering Gokou the bandanna.

Gokou took it. "Five days, you say? I will be ready."

But Toma did not respond.