"Well, now what do we do?" Kuririn said, looking down at Toma's body. Kuririn, Roshi, and Bulma had arrived about ten minutes after the fight had ended. "He... he was powerful, Gokou! More powerful than anything we've ever seen before! If more of them come, we won't stand a chance!"

"Hmph. I don't see what the problem is," Piccolo said, his arms folded, his back turned to everyone else, "If I could kill this one with just one hit, we shouldn't have any trouble with the rest. Especially with that kid's help. WHo knows where he'll be when I'm done training him!"

Everyone started and turned toward Piccolo as if he'd just suggested roasting Gohan over an open fire. "What?" Piccolo asked. "I'm not going to kill him, just train him."

"That's unacceptable!" Master Roshi shouted, waving his cane like some proverbial old geezer. "We won't let you corrupt that poor boy!"

"I hardly think that five days is enough time to corrupt anybody," Piccolo said with a smirk, "Besides, Old Man, how long do you have to train anybody before you teach them how to fight? Six months? A year? I can give him a crash course in no time."

"Well, I think that Gohan's father should train him!" Bulma asserted, walking up to Piccolo and poking him with her finger, "And anyone is better than you! WHy, you- you're the Demon King!"

"Heh. Shows what you know. My father was the Demon King. I'm Demon Junior!"

"Well I don't care!" Bulma shouted in Piccolo's face," You're still a demon and that's that!"

"If you don't remember I was just helping Gokou, and I'm on your side while these new Saiya-jin are coming, so it really doesn't matter what I am."

"Oh, yeah?" Kuririn shouted from a safe distance, "Well, I say that if you have a bad book, you throw it away! Don't put a new cover on it!"

Piccolo arched one eyebrow. "That has to be the most pointless maxim that I've heard in my entire life." Kuririn backed down.

"Anyway," Piccolo continued, "Why don't we let the boy's father decide who gets to train him."

"Okay," Roshi said, smiling, "that sounds reasonable. Gokou! Who do YOU think should train Gohan? Gokou? Gokou! We're talking to you!"

"Gokou started and looked up. He was looking at the bandanna that Toma gave him to give to the other Saiya-jin (Apparently he knew who was coming). "What? Who should train Gohan? But Chichi won't let him fight!"

Bulma felt about ready to choke Gokou. She and Chichi were the only non-ki fighters who could actually injure him. "You idiot! According to Piccolo here, and Master Roshi, and Kuririn, your son has a power level of 750!"

"What? that's not enough to fight anyone even near Toma's level," Gokou said, as calmly and as sweetly as ever. This time Bulma did start throttling him. Piccolo allowed himself a small, momentary laugh.

"You... IDIOT..." Bulma shouted as she asphyxiated Gokou, "You'!!!!!"

"Okay, okay! Let go! Please!" Gokou shouted hoarsely. Kuririn mshook his head and held back the laughter. How bulma managed it was beyond him, but she could always hurt Gokou, even though axes and guns couldn't and she only had a power level of 5. Maybe they should set her against the Saiya-jin! Of course, it wouldn't work if they did. Really, the only high-ki people she could injure were her close friends.

gokou sat up, rubbing his throat. "okay, Bulma. I don't know who should train him! I mean... I mean, Master Roshi would take too long, Kuririn and I don't know how to train people, and all... Hey, Piccolo! WOuld you be willing to train my son for me?"

Roshi and Kuririn's jaws dropped. Bulma fell to the ground. Piccolo merely wore a smile as wide around as a watermelon slice. "Of course I will! Why did you ask?"

"Because you had only trained yourself for a few years when you faced me in the Budokai!" Gokou said, rather cheerfully.

"Hmph. Good logic."

"GOKOU YOU IDIOT!!!" Bulma shouted at the top of her lungs, which was very loud indeed, "DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU'RE ASKING????? HE'LL KILL GOHAN, OR TURN HIM AGAINST YOU, OR SOMETHING!!!!!"

"Don't worry even one hair on your little head," Piccolo said, patting Bulma's head, "I promise that I won't change his personality. Inf act, if it'll make you feel any better, I swear on my dead Father that I won't change him."

Everyone went silent at this. Except for Bulma. "But... but... he's... oh, damn!"

"Now, Gokou, there really isn't much that I can do in four days, "Piccolo said, "But I'll try my hardest. After all, my life is at stake, too."

Gokou looked thoughtful for a minute, then his eyes brightened. "hey, wait! I have an idea! let's go see Kami-Sama, everyone!"

"What in hell is he planning?" Piccolo asked himself, "it had better be good if I'm going to see that old idiot."


Kami enjoyed his life. Being god of an entire planet was something, even if it was more like "Overseer" than anything else, with limited benefits! He had inherited the job only because he had expelled his evil side and made it three minutes before Garlic, another contender, did. That evil side became Piccolo Daimou, the Demon King, and his son, who survives him, is the infamous Piccolo, who lives only for Gokou's death.

Although with the recent turn of events things might be different, but Kami didn't know that- he wasn't looking there! (another non-perk.) Well, that's because he didn't create the world, or anything. He was just a normal Namek who got to be something big.

He was thinking these thoughts, when Mr. Popo, his fat genie-like aide, ran up to him, huffing and puffing all the way.

"Kami-sama! Gokou's back, along with some of his friends and... and Piccolo, of all people!"

"what?" Kami said, straightening up, "Show them in immediately!" Mr. Popo ran off to fetch them. He came back with Gokou, Kuririn, Gohan, Master Roshi, Bulma, and Piccolo.

"What's going on, Gokou? Piccolo's here, of all people!"

"Oh, he's helping us right now. We have to fill you in on something."

"I'm all ears."


"So," kami said, "There are Saiya-jin approaching, and you want to use my room of Spirit and Time for training purposes? Saiya-jin... I always knew you were one of them, Gopkou, but I never wanted to tell you for fear that you'd start acting the part. Saiya-jin... Gokou, you may use my room as much as you want in the next five days! Please, it's my pleasure to do so!"

"Thank you, Kami. Hey, could you get Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and Yamucha over here? We'll need everyone we can get!"

"Of course, but it'll take a few days for them to get here. You might want to start training early."

"Okay, I'll go in first!" GOkou said, then he felt Kami's hand on his shoulder. "No, Gokou. I'm going to try to do something special for you. Don't go in yet. Piccolo, you can take Gohan in, first."

"Wait, Kami-sama! Shouldn't I go in with him?" Kuririn asked, "I mean, to insure Gohan's safety and all."

Piccolo rolled his eyes. "I promised not to hurt him, and you'd only get in the way. let me go in."

Everyone looked at each other, then Kami nodded to Piccolo. "Kuririn would only get in the way. Somehow I trust you, Piccolo. I don't know why."

Gokou knelt down to Gohan. "Now, Gohan," he said, "This nice man is taking care of you for a while. For you it will be a whole year, but for us it'll be only a day."

"Huh?" Gohan said.

"You'll find out."

"Bye-bye, Daddy!" he said, waving as he took Piccolo's hand and went into the room of Spirit and Time.

"Chichi's going to kill me," Gokou said to Kami. But Kami was not there.


Kami was, in fact, talking with Enma Daiou at that very moment. He had some pressing business to attend to.

"No, Kami. Kaiou-sama can only train those who are dead."

"But, King Enma, this is VERY important!" Kami said, "If you don't let Gokou train with him, he'll be dead in five days, no question about it! The Saiya-jin are coming!"

"What?" Enma said, his eyes widening, "Saiya-jin? Well, why didn't you say so?" he bellowed, a huge smile appearing on his face, "There's a by-law allowing a Kaiou to train anyone for only one day! And I think I know how to, shall we say, stretch that day to it's fullest?" he winked at Kami.

"Of course, "Enma, old buddy!" Kami winked back.