Zarbon was checking his messages on the ship's computer. Ten from Prince Vegeta. Again. Zarbon didn't even bother to read these ones. They're bound to be the same as the ten that he sent yeasterday, and the day before. RECRUIT ME OR I'LL KILL YOU!!! they said. There was an eleventh from Salad, and a twelfth from... Capital? It was a scouter report for Bardock.

"Hey, Bardock!" Zarbon shouted, "There's a message for you!"

About a minute or two later bardock came, obviously fresh from the shower. The Saiya-jin scanned the report quickly, at first skimming, then his eyes slowed down and stopped completely. Zarbon hadn't been reading the message, but now he decided to see what it said.

Zarbon scanned it. Toma was dead. That one Saiya-jin who had applied to be on Dark Ki, and who was evidentially one of Bardock's closest friends was dead. On Earth, nonetheless. Wasn't that the planet where Bardock said he had lost his younger son?

Zarbon's thoughts were interrupted as Bardock's fist connected with the chair arm, nearly shattering the super-durable material. "DAMMIT!" he shouted in a way that only an angry Saiya-jin can shout, "I can't believe this! That... that planet! What kind of demons live there? They got my son, and now Toma! ZARBON!"

Zarbon turned around immediately. It was best to listen to people in these kinds of moods. "Yes?" he asked polietly.

"I want you to make a side trip to Earth. How long will it take?"

"About four days or so, why?"

"I'm going to find the bastard who killed my son and my friend and destroy him! Then I'll do what we should have done a long time ago- clear off Planet Earth!"

"Well, okay," Zarbon said, calmly," We can do that. Do you want to train in the meantime?"

"Of course!" Bardopck shouted, "Get Zangya! I want you two to give me some special training!"

/He's mad,/Zarbon thought, but he complied.

"A Saiya'jin's power level radically increases when he's nearly killed. I want you two to attack me, almost kill me, and use the Regen tanks to revive me, all right?"

"Isn't that just a little risky?" Zarbon asked.

"Nothing's too risky," Bardock responded, "To revenge my son and my friend."

"All right, then," Zarbon said, "Zangya, are you ready?"


Three days later Bardock finally got out of the healing tank. Those holes in his chest were finally gone. After cleaning himself up, he checked himself with a scouter. 30,000. Heh. They really had given him a beating. He'd never heard of such an increase! That's nearly three times his earler level! That also made them all more or less equal, give or take a thousand or so. Now, earth would pay.