"Okay, then," Bardock told Piccolo, a smirk appearing on his face, "Where did you say this Gokou was? I don't see anyone coming."

"Check your Scouter," Piccolo responded.

Bardock clicked his scouter on and scanned the skies for a few seconds before finally stopping. "There!" he said, "I think I found him. Ha! The reading says that your "Trump Card" is only 15,000! I'measily twice as powerful as he is!" What Bardock neglected to say was that if he had come without nearly being killed earlier, Gokou could easily have beaten him. "He's still a long way off, though. This gives us just enough time to have some fun with you people. Who wants to go first?"


Gokou flew as fast as he could on Kintoun, the Magic Nimbus cloud that he had had since his childhood. He still wasn't fast enough! Gokou could sense the fight beginning, off in the distance, but he couldn't get there in time to help!

Gokou dismounted his cloud and started flying on his own. He was a little faster this way, but still not enough!

If any of those alien jerks killed one of his friends...

Gokou closed his eyes and focused his mind. It was time to use the first of the many techniques that KMaiou had taught him- The Kaiou-Ken Technique. He needed that extra burst of speed to make it to the battlefield in time.

/I'm coming, guys. Hold on!/ he thought as his ki aura turned red and he felt a supercharge of ki, doubling his power all around.


bardock was holding an injured Kuririn up by the collar when he felt Gokou access the Kaiou-Ken. "What the Hell?" he said quietly as he turned his scouter skyward. "Oh, SHIT! Zarbon! Zangya! Hurry up there! He just doubled his power!" 30,000. That was even with them.

Zarbon smiled. "We still have strength in numbers to finish him with. Don't worry about it. Besides, I think we should let these little idiots live until he gets here, no? It'll be easier to kill this "Gokou" if he's distracted." Gohan started crying off in the corner. When the actual fight had started, the boy had... simply... frozen with fear at everyone. Now with the mention of killing his daddy, a semi-familiar feeling flared up in his tiny little heart.

"YOU BAD MEN!" he shouted as loudly as his squeaky little voice possibly could, "THAT'S MY DADDY! DON'T TALK ABOUT HURTING MY DADDY! MASENKO!" Gohan fired a sizeable blast at Zarbon, which he barely dodged at the last moment. "No wonder they let their children fight! That kid has some pow-" Zarbon cut himself off as he noticed something. That kid had a tail. A Saiya-jin tail.

Zarbon got up and edged toward Zangya. "If I were you I wouldn't kill anyone just yet. That kid has a Saiya-jin tail, if you know what I mean."

Zangya's eyes widened as she put two and two together. "Got it. What about Bardock?"

"I don't think he's going to cause much more damage before this 'Gokou' arrives. Let's just make sure that we're not in the way when he does."

"Hey!" Kuririn shouted, pointing at Zarbon and Zangya, "They're whispering something! They must be coming up with some sort of Evil Plan to kill us all!"

Zarbonsmiled. "Yes, I'm going to glue fake moose antlers to my head and do a handstand. That will kill you all."

No one laughed at the joke, but Yamucha smiled somewhat.

"Hey! He's here!" Tenshinhan shouted, pointing to the sky. The fighting stopped as all eyes turned to face the single bright red spot that had appeared in the sky.

The three aliens got in formation, ready to face this new foe. Zarbon secretly hoped that he was wrong about the Saiya-jin tail.

Gokou landed directly in front of them, his features hidden by his ki aura.

"Whoever you are, you have no right coming here and hurting my friends! I've fought one of you already, and I'm willing to face the rest if necessary! Turn from your evil ways now or pay the price!"

"You should be a speechwriter," Bardock said, impressed at his power, "Why don't you turn that fancy light show off so we can all have a look at you, eh?"

"Fine," Gokou said, disengaging the Kaiou-ken.

Dead silence filled the area as those who hadn't thought of it before finally realized it. And as those who thought they might know it now knew it for sure.

Bardock was Gokou's father.

Gokou was Kakarotto.

The boy with the tail was his son.

The silence lasted for what seemed like an eternity. All thoughts of battle were over now.

Finally, Bardock broke the silence by speaking just one word. "Ka...Kakarotto?"

"That's what your friend called me."

Bardock broke a small, confused smile, and then finally began laughing, out of joy or relief or what, no one could tell. "Kakarotto! My son! You... you were the one who killed Toma?"

"Yes..." Gokou began, then something seemed to dawn on him. "Oh! He gave me this, and he told me to give it to you." Gokou took out the old, blood-stained bandanna that Toma had given to him.

Bardock took it quietly, in respect for his friend, and then broke into another laugh/cry fit and hugged Gokou. "My son... you're alive! I... thought that you... I don't even care about your mission anymore..." He trailed off, turning toward Zarbon and Zangya. There was a look in his face that hadn't been there in over thirty years.

"Zarbon, please call off the fighting. We have no reason to kill anybody anymore."

"Man, when that Saiya-jin said that handing that bandanna over to him might help me, he wasn't lying!"


"The fighting's stopped!" Bulma shouted, waving her arms in the air like a bird trying to fly.

"What?" everyone jumped up. "Who won?"

"Nobody... I think." Bulma said, trying to figure out what was going on.

Chichi barrelled in, stepping on Puar and shoving Bulma aside. She grabbed the television set and started shaking it.

"What's going on? There's no sound on this thing!" The antenna fell of the TV and broke, thus ruining any chance of them watching television anymore.

"Damn thing's broken!" She shouted with a Chichi-like flair as she threw it down to the floor.

"Well, now it's broken," Oolong said quietly from the corner.

Chichi took advantage of the moment and seized charge. "Everyone, we're going there to help them! I'm not letting large, hairy aliens hurt my son!"


"So, you're my father?" An astonished Gokou asked Bardock.

"Yes, I believe I've said that twice now, Kakarotto. You're my son."

"What?!? My Dad destroys planets?"

"I clear them off, I don't destroy them."

"Oh," Gokou said, his head still down a bit.

Gokou brightened up again. "So, Dad, who are your friends here?"

"Well, their names are-"

Bardock was cut off as a large hovercar, packed to the gills with people, barrelled in. At the wheel was Chichi, with enough guns to finance an army strapped to her back.

SHe backflipped out of the car before it even fully parked. "GET AWAY FROM MY GOHAN!!!!!" she shouted, as she opened fire on anything that moved. (Doing absolutely nothing, of course.)

When Chichi finally ran out of ammunition, Bardock turned toward Gokou and asked, "Is this a friend of yours, Gokou?"

"Oh, That's Chichi, my wife!" he smailed.

Bardock looked at the gun-toting woman for a few seconds, then burst out laughing.

"You really are a Saiya-jin!" he told Gokou, still laughing at the irony of the situation, "Maybe you haven't forgotten your heritage after all!"

"Umm... excuse me, people, aren't you supposed to be enemies?" Chichi shouted above everybody else.

"Nah, not anymore," Gokou said, "This is Bardock, he's my father!"

Chichi fainted.

Bulma walked up to them. "Does this mean that we're all on good terms now?"

"I should certainly hope so," Bardock said quietly.

"Well, then! We all need to be properly introduced! I think I'll invite you all to a barbeque at my place!"


"You'll find out!" Bulma chirped.