The medium-sized Saucerer ship touched down on one of Capital's main hangar bays. Zarbon payed the valet a small fee to lock it up somewhere where it was safe, and headed on toward King Cold's palace.

First, though, he stopped and took a full breath of the air. it was so invigorating, Capital's air- earth's air didn't have enough ozone in it for Zarbon's tastes. It was like being on a high-gravity planet, being on earth.

He found Sauzaa behind the receptionist's desk this time- a refreshing change from seing Neizu there most of the time.

Sauzaa looked up. "Zarbon?" he said, sounding quite bewhildered, "Back so soon? What happened? Did you kill Bojack, or are you just here to chat?"

"I'm here with some pressing business that needs to be done. Set me up with an appointment with Cold."

"Sure. When do you want it?"

"Anytime would be nice."

"All right then. How does tomorrow, mid-afternoon sound to you?"

"That's fine. I should be there. By the way, how's the merger gowing?"

"Fine. It's only been a couple of weeks, though. Nothing seems wrong yet- no Saiya-jin riots or anything like that. Oh, I'd advise you to go see Salad immediately. She really misses you."

"Thanks. You've been talking with her?"

"A bit, here and there. The poor thing- do you know how little she does when you're gone?"

"I can imagine," Zarbon said, smiling. "I did marry her, didn't I?"

"Marry? Well, by our race's standards, you did."

"I know," Zarbon said, "I wish we had ceremonies, too- or at least a formal contract."

"Hm. Anyway, She's really missed you. Do you want to call her and tell he you're here?"

"No, I think I'll surprise her."

Sauzaa grinned. "She'll either kill you, or make love to you on the spot."

"I've had a stressful week," Zarbon said, "I'd rather have neither right now."

"Oh," Sauzaa said, "That reminds me. Speaking of vexing, blue-skinned females, how's your new friend doing? She seemed a bit... nervous last time I saw her."

"She's acting a bit better. She hasn't said anything, but I think Bojack-"

"You don't have to finish that," Sauzaa lifted his hand a bit, "Oh, you and she aren't...?"

"No, of course not!" Zarbon snapped, "I'm not like that! You should know this, considering how long we've known each other!"

"I was just ribbing you. Besides, I don't think she's your type."

"Me neither."

"Heh. I thought so. Now, could you please see to your mate? I have a lot of work to do, and you're not helping any!"

"Fine. have it your way. You're just jealous because I'm constantly surrounded with beautiful women!"

Sauzaa opened his mouth as if to say something, but then shut it again.