Zangya didn't have a chance to move as the transformed Zarbon's considerable bulk collapsed on her, forcing all the air out of her body. Why was it that whenever someone changed his or her form, the results were always incredibly heavy?

And in spite of that, Zarbon's attack had really drained her. That was probably because she had been to stupid to try to block it, or because it came at an awkward angle to block.

With great difficulty (mainly due to being blasted) she managed to move his great bulk off her body. Zangya stood up with about as much grace as a drunken sailor. That man had really screwed her over with that attack. She would have to find out if it had a name, and how to do it.

But for that, she'd need Zarbon there. /Tough luck, girl, unless he's still alive, which I highly doubt./ Just to be sure, she checked his pulse anyway. Well, miracle of miracles, he was still alive. Idiot. But then, he did defeat her, didn't he? Even though Zarbon had obviously been injured a lot more, he did win the fight. And he had let her live even in spite of that. Zarbon had voluntarily spared her.

Zangya gave him a token amount of energy to bring him back from the isles of the near-dead. Zarbon reverted back to his original form instinctively and looked up at Zangya.

"How many fingers am I holding up?" she said, only half-joking.

"Fuck you."

"Close enough." Zangya turned her back while she was talking in an effort to sound more authoritative. She was never good at that. "Look, I'm only going to say this once. I owe you. You spared my life when even Bojack would have killed me had he been watching. Now that our roles are more than obviously reversed, I am willing to spare you and call it even. Do your ships have any Regeneration Tanks?"

"Yes, but I think your buddies broke them all."

"Very funny." She turned back to face him, "I can think of one of those ships that we destroyed, and possibly another, but you had three and we didn't exactly care about the ships. Our orders were to eliminate the people, not the ships. One thing about Bojack is that he follows orders."

"Orders?" Zarbon said, "Who told Bojack to kill us?"

But Zangya did not answer. Instead she turned back toward the ships. "Well, are you going to get up or do I have to carry you?"

Zarbon grudgingly got up, somewhat surprised at the amount of extra energy that Zangy gave him. Nice girl. He wanted her to die.


Zarbon woke up immersed in the sticky-warm fluids of the regen tank. He could feel that most of his wounds were healed already. Any minute now he could get out and get back to business. He felt the liquids that were composed of synthetic DNA of his race knit bones, replace skin, heal everything that had happened to him. He looked around in the sick bay and found that his assumptions about all the ships being destroyed was not far from the truth. One of the room's walls had caved in, and all of the other tanks were broken. Sitting in a chair in the corner was Zangya, her arms folded. He still didn't know why he spared her, but was now glad that he did. If he had killed her, it would have killed him as well. He'd finish her later. Right now he owed her. Speaking of that, what warrior in his (or her) right mind would help heal someone who not only you were ordered to kill but who wanted to kill you? Telling from what she said, she owed him for sparing her. That was probably it. A more romantic soul would have thought love, but after some of the things that Zarbon had seen, that was the first option to be eliminated.

There. Zarbon could hear the faint beep signalling that he was done. Zangya got up and opened the tank, letting him out.

"Would you mind letting me in next?" she asked perfectly calmly, as though she were speaking to a friend. "I have all of the parameters set, and I should only be a minute. You should get a change of armour in the meantime. You're a mess."

He closed the tank on her and started it. Why in hell none of these tanks had controls that could be operated from the inside was beyond him. It was nearly impossible for one person to operate one of them alone.

Zarbon decided to follow Zangya's advice. He was a mess.