"So, your meeting went well, I suppose?" Salad asked Zarbon after he came in the door.

"Well enough," Zarbon answered, checking the refrigerator for something light and edible. There was absolutely nothing there. Well, there was some food, but the majority of what was there was either diet food, or really didn't deserve to be eaten.

"What say we go out to eat tonight?" Zarbon asked through gritted teeth.

"Sure. Want to invite anybody?"

"Well, I was planning on going out with just you, but who were you thinking of?" Zarbon asked her.

"Sauzaa, for one thing, he really doesn't get out much,considering his workload; and Zangya, too. That girl needs some enjoyment in life. Besides, we go out alone all the time."

/We do? Really?/ Zarbon thought. "Okay, sure. I'll invite them."

"Good then. Do you have Sauzaa's number?"

"Yeah, I think so. I'll call him up right now."

"Thanks!" She said cheerily.


Exactly one half-hour later, Zarbon, Salad, and Zangya were standing outside of a nearby restaurant, wondering if Sauzaa was late, or simply a no-show. Late was most likely. He HAD sounded rather flustered over the intercom. Zarbon's comlink beeped.

"Yes?" he said, lifting the small device to his face.

"It's me, Sauzaa," came the voice at the other end of the line.

A smile traced Zarbon's lips. "Oh, you again," he answered wryly, "So, are you coming, or is food really not that important to you?"

"I'm coming, I'm COMING! I'm just running a little late, that's all! Look, Zarbon, I won't be there for a few hours- why don't you take Salad on a tour of the base or something?"

"Hmm. You think she'd be interested?"

"How else are you going to keep her occupied for what might turn into a three-hour wait?"

"You have a point, there. Although she and Zangya seem to be keeping each other company pretty well." A simple glance over his shoulder said otherwise. Salad was dozing off, leaning on a bench, and Zangya was looking nervous all around. "Besides," he continued, "I don't want to have to take her- Zangya, I mean, Salad wouldn't be affected - anywhere near those soldiers. You know how they are, and how sensitive she is!"

"Yeah, you have a point. What is that girl's problem, anyway?"

"I have an idea, but I don't want to mention it right now," Zarbon answered, "any other suggestions?"

"Well, there's always the local mall."

"Salad spends enough money as it is," Zarbon said gravely, "I don't want to reinforce the habit."

"Then just wander around if you want, or fall asleep on the bench. I'll be in front of the restaurant when I can. It's Slight's, right?"


"Thanks. Gotta go! Bye!"

"Goodbye," Zarbon said as he clicked "End" on the comlink.

Two hours later, they would all be in for a very big surprise.


Zarbon stood in front of a fountain. The fountain was ornate, with two statues pouring water from two large flasks- one of King Vegeta, and the other of King Cold. He watched, mesmerized as both statues poured forth their miniature little waterfalls. He saw a few other statues littered around, there, as well... one of him, one of Zangya, that was so bent over that it looked about to collapse, and one of Bardock. There was another of Bojack in the far corner.

Suddenly, a small crack appeared in the Bardock statue, but then healed itself. it was followed by multiple cracks in the Zarbon, nearly causing it to fall apart. The Zangya statue suddenly straightened itself out, and the Bojack began to crack.

Zarbon watched in horror as the Bojack disintegrated, and the Bardock exploded, leaving... something new...

The water being poured from the two statues of the two kings became blood.

Suddenly, the ground started to rumble, and a new statue began to emerge, one that would engulf them all...

And then Zarbon woke up. He had fallen asleep on the bench. A dream, nothing more than a dream. He looked next to him. Zangya was still sitting in that same timid posture. Salad was still asleep on the bench next to her. That woman could always drop off at any given moment if she wanted to. Lucky. Lately Zarbon had been having trouble even getting a small nap's-worth at night. The fact that he had just dozed off lightly was extremely strange.

He checked his watch and leaned back again. Where was Sauzaa? No one could be that busy!

Then something caught his eye. A small flash of a blue-green and an orange-ish colour. He looked back at it, and watched as it just turned a nearby corner before he could get a good look at it, but he was getting that tingly feeling again.

Zarbon turned on his scouter and pointed it in the direction where whatever it was went. He started to read the levels.

45,000, 90,000, 900,000, and one that read 1,000,000. Those nearly matched his estimates of Bojack's group. If he remembered correctly, Buujin, that short psychic one, was the weakest one of them. Gokua was in between, and Bido was the large one. it was strange how he could eclipse basically everyone except for Bojack himself.

Zangya leaned closer to Zarbon. "What's going on?" she whispered quietly, apparently grasping that something was wrong.

"I think that your friends have come to Capitol for a visit," he whispered back, "C'mon." He beckoned toward her as he got up.

areful not to wake Salad, she stood up as well. "What the Hell do we think we're doing?" she whispered in his general direction.

"Following them," he whispered back. "I don't want to fight them, but if we can find out were they're staying, or headed, then-"

"Don't finish that thought. I get it. What about Salad?"

"She shouldn't wake up. Come on!"

Together they sneaked around the corner and saw none other than Gokua talking with Bido and Bujin. Bojack stood behind them. Luckily, none of them were facing Zarbon or Zangya, or they would not have lived for much longer.

Bojack & co. turned another corner and started walking toward the military base. Their two shadows followed.

They followed all the way over to the outskirts of the military base, where it finally became clear that the four men weren't really going anywhere in particular.

"This is pointless," Zarbon whispered to Zangya."

"What's pointless?" Another voice chimed in.

Zarbon turned around to see Salad standing behind him. His eyes widened until they were nearly the size of his head.

"What the-? Salad!" He whispered sharply, "Get out of here! It's not safe!!"

"What's going on?" she whispered to him.

"See those people over there? Bojack's one of them! the others are his henchmen!"

"Oh! Let me see!" Salad whispered, leaning in.

"No! Wait!" He enarly spoke, waving his hands, when he noticed Bojack beginning to turn around...

Zarbon fantically looked around, and realized that he had no cover. He saw one port-a-potty nearby, which obviously had only enough room for one person. He picked Salad up by the collar, shoved her into the outhouse, and sealed the door with his ki, thus keeping her safe and sound.

Zarbon and Zangya turned back around just as Bojack turned toward them. Their eyes met in a recognizing stare.

Everything went silent.