By the time Zarbon was done changing Zangya was done healing. Apparently Zarbon's final attack had stunned her more than anything else. Oh, well. Had Zarbon been in a better condition, it would have more than done the trick. The Earth Burner was more than powerful when used under the right conditions.

Zangya dried herself off with a small burst of ki- an elementary trick learned by almost everybody, and stepped up to Zarbon and put one small finger on the breastplate of his armour.

"I have a proposition for you."

"I'm sorry, I'm already taken," Zarbon said, brushing her finger off his chest.

"That wasn't what I meant," Zangya said, her voice being totally serious, "I have another kind of proposition. I want you to join my team, or at least try out for it. We have an opening now that Gandin's dead."

Zarbon started back. Join them? Did she actually say that? "I'm nowhere near your teammate's power levels."

"Nonsense. You killed Gandin, and fought me to a draw. With time, you could become the best of us all, probably. There's just one problem."

"I have real fashion sense?"

Zangya frowned at him. "No, the problem is that we were supposed to kill you all. Every Imperial soldier. Bojack might not like the idea of sparing you, even if you'd be incredibly useful. Although for my sake Bojack might make an exception."

"For your sake, eh?" Zarbon flashed her a small grin.

Zangya lowered her head and did not respond.


/I can't believe what just happened!/ Zarbon thought to himself as he and Zangya flew toward Bojack, /What a perfect opportunity! I'll just train with Bojack for a while, boosting my power, and then... Shit, I'm starting to sound like a damned Saiya-jin./ He had to laugh at that.

Zangya looked back at him. "Is something funny?"

"No, not really. Just the absurdity of the situation."

"Oh, okay."

Zarbon forced himself to keep a straight face as they reached Bojack and the others. He had to join them for his plan to work. Just as long as he didn't go totally barbaric, he'd let this little piece of Saiya-jin to flourish. In order to keep his composure intact, he needed a distraction. And besides, there was something that he had to know.

"Who hired you?"


"No, no, I don't want to know who you work for, I mean, Who hired your team out to destroy King Cold's elite?"

Zangya looked back at him. "Honestly, I don't know," she said, "You'll have to ask Bojack."


Eventually they came to a small clearing, more of a flat space in a ring of rocks, with six one-man pods that differed slightly in appearance from their Saiya-jin counterparts.

The four remaining members of Bojack's group were more or less scattered here and there, relaxing, with Gokua on watch. Gokua spotted them, and signalled to the rest. They assembled in a diamond formation, with two spots notably missing, one to the right of Bojack, and one behind.

Zangya landed in front of the quartet and bowed down, and Zarbon followed suit. Right now every step, every gesture counted. This made every second of the twenty years that he had spent with King Cold (Who sometimes killed for no real reason) worth it.

Bojack stepped up to Zangya and helped her up. "Who is he and why is he here?" he semi-whispered in her ear.

"His name is Zarbon, Bojack-Sama," She semi-whispered back, "He killed Gandin and fought me to a draw. I've brought him here to join us and replace Gandin."

"Oh, have you now?" Bojack replied, a slightly cold tone emergin in his voice, "You said that he killed one of us, and you trust him?"

"I don't trust him, but I do know that you could kill him if he tried anything, and he'd make a more than adequate replacement."

Zarbon had no idea why they were speaking so softly. Anyone who wasn't half-deaf could hear them.

"That's true. You're very wise, Zangya-chan." Bojack brushed his hadn across her face. Zarbon noticed that this was a world away from how he looked and acted earlier.

"...And stupid," he finished, his voice hardening. Zangya looked up just as Bojack backhanded her. Now this was the Bojack Zarbon expected.

"Our orders were to kill ALL of them, not recruit them!"

"I though that-"

Bojack backhanded her again. Zarbon remained at his kneeling position. He almost laughed. This looked like a typical display of spousal abuse. He could guess that Bojack treated all of his henchmen like this, but still...

Zarbon tensed himselfup. He'd have to defend himself soon, more than likely.

"Bojack pulled Zangya a little closer. "I would kill you if we hadn't already lost one member. But then..." he formed some ki in his hand, a small purple glow, "... But then, a group of four isn't all that bad, is it... Bitch?"

Zarbon jerked up as Bojack fired, sending Zangya flying like a rag doll. He transformed as she hit the ground. Forget joining them, they were going to die right now.

"And just what do you think you're doing?" Bojack asked, turning around. "Are you even aware of my power, my friend? I know you're not wearing a scouter, but you shouldn't need one. Oh, I forgot- you're one of those Imperial idiots. They need crutches like that to hide the fact that they've got small dicks!"

"And big balls make one hell of a weak spot," Zarbon responded, adjusting his posture into a suitable fighting position. He had been doing too much of this today.

Bojack laughed then held his right hand up, palm inward, and appeared to be about to beckon (taunt) Zarbon on, but then switched it so his hand was curled up into a fist, with the middle finger extended.

"Fuck you," he said, calmly, "I can blow your head off in a second. What right have you to try to face me?"

"More than you have to face me," Zarbon said, as he dematerialized. He reappeared just in time to be clocked hard enough by Bojack's incredibly huge fist that the pupils of his eyes were knocked temporarily out of alignment. Zarbon spit out a tooth and tried again. He had crossed half of the distance before Bojack disappeared and came back into view directly in front of Zarbon, knee planted firmly in Zarbon's crotch.

"They do make a good target, don't they?"

"D.. Damn you!" Zarbon said as Bojack knocked him away again. Zarbon could easily hear everyone laughing their heads off all around him, and struggled back up to his feet, wiping the slight bit of blue blood from his mouth. The empty socket of his missing tooth had started to bleed. How annoying.

Zarbon charged again but this time stopped short of Bojack intentionally. Gokua had drawn his sword and now it stood between Zarbon and Bojack.

"I'm sorry, but you're not going to get any help this time."

Zarbon prepared a ki blast, but was cut short when he found he couldn't move. Buujin had caught him in some sort of psychic net! Zarbon tried to break out of it, but could do nothing but watch Gokua get his sword ready to skewer him like an animal.

Gokua drew his sword back as Zangya attempted to tackle him out of the way in a replay of what had happened earlier that day with Jeice. Unlike what had happened, she was too injured to be successful, and Gokua simply threw her off to the side.

Zarbon noticed Buujin turn his head and watch Zangya fall, and took the opportunity to break out of the net and hit the little psychic with a flying elbow. He turned around and suddenly felt two arms like tree trunks grab his armes. Bido had him in an iron Full Nelson, and Gokua picked up his sword and started aiming it again. Zarbon fired an explosive ki blast into the ground, disrupting everything and harming Gokua's aim so that he missed with his sword. It didn't help to get Bido off him, though. The man was like stone. He simply held Zarbon as Bojack stepped up.

"My, my. You seem to be giving us a lot of trouble here. I would recruit you if I didn't have explicit orders to kill you. Oh, well." He made a fist and hammered Zarbon in the gut. Zarbon shouted in pain. Bojack hit him again. Zarbon's armour cracked. It broke on the third hit, leaving a fist-shaped hole. Bojack hit him again and again, until Zarbon had become numb enough with agony that hitting him there again was worthless.

"This is for Gandin."

Bojack punched Zarbon across the mouth, breaking his jaw and forcing him to extracate three more teeth.

"This is for Zangya."

He tightened his fist again.

"Why?" Zarbon asked, more a croak than anything else.

"Because I wouldn't have to kill her if you didn't show up." Bojack accented each word with a punch, basically decimating Zarbon's face.

He ended it with one more punch to the chest, shattering Zarbon's ribcage.

"Drop him, Bido." Bojack looked down at Zarbon. "I think I'll leave you to starve to death."

He fired two blasts, destroying the two of his ships that he wouldn't be using.

"And, about your original ships..." Bojack charged up and fired a huge ki blast off in the direction of the Imperial ships. Some of the explosion could be seen in the distance.

"I'll be damned if I left any out," Bojack said to Zarbon, "And if you find any intact, then you deserve to get home." He spit on Zarbon.

"Let's go!" Bojack shouted, as he gathered up his henchmen and they loaded into their ships and blasted off.