Zarbon let them go. he had his own problems now, anyway. He managed to stand up, at least Bojack hadn't broken his legs.

He found Zangya sitting down, leaning against a rock, with the look of a dead person on her face. He could tell that she'd been crying. Now Zarbon realized why Bojack didn't kill her outright. Cruel. Beyond cruel.

"Are you okay? Physically, I mean." Zarbon asked, trying to mask the extent of his injuries.

"Why should you care?" she snapped back, "You did this to me! If I hadn't run into you, I-"

"You would still be working for that son of a bitch!" Zarbon shouted at her, making her cower, "I did you a service by severing your connections with him! Can't you see it, or are you too blind to know that?"

"Big talk from someone who works for the number one planetkiller in the galaxy."

"That's disputable. He destroys less than the Saiya-jin and occupies more."

"What does it matter? I failed Bojack-Sama!"

"Don't call him that!" Zarbon shouted, "He deserves no respect after what he did to you!"

"Why not? I deserved it. I betrayed his trust. I owed him my life and my life is forfeit. I want to die."

Zarbon swallowed hard. "Didn't you say you owed me? I spared your life then and I'm saving it now. I'm sure that there's a way off this planet, and I will make sure that we both leave."

"I don't want your help!"

"Sometimes the patient doesn't want the doctor!" Zarbon said, "Now shut up before I do Bojack's job for you!"

"Then do it."

"No! I don't want to say this, but I need you right now."

"How would you need me?" The way she said "me" indicated exactly how Bojack had treated her. She said it with disgust.

"I need you if I can ever track down your fearless leader and give him what he deserves- death a thousand times over. Now, come with me! that is not a request!"

Zangya slowly stood up.

"And I don't fucking care what you owe him. Consider it paid off!"

Zangya wiped some of the tears off her face. Something in Zarbon's tone of voice had brought her back into the real world. She nodded and went with him.

Zarbon glanced at her and shook his head. This was not good. He needed her if he was going to track down Bojack, but the man had obviously damaged her mentally. Zarbon wondered if he did that to all the girls.