Evening was just beginning to set as the saucerer ship landed on Planet Capitol.

                "Well, we're here." Zarbon said to nobody in particular. "Do you remember what I taught you, Gokou?"

                Gokou bowed his head and put his right hand on his chest, apparently trying to demonstrate that he did remember everything.

                "Is that a yes, or a no?"

                "Yes!" Gokou chirped back at him.

                Zarbon shook his head. It was obvious that Gokou had learned only what protocall he was capable of learning. He smiled as he led them off the ship. They were back, and- miracle of miracles- with Gohan in tow. Zarbon spared a side glance at the boy, and offered him a smile. Gohan smiled back. Zarbon realized that this was the first time that he had seen him act like anything other than a tiny mommy's boy, with the exception of that initial fight. The boy had metamorphosed completely once he had gotten away from Chichi. he even looked a little taller, but maybe that was just the effect of the Saiya-jin armour. One thing that was easily noticeable was that his hair had grown quite a bit when they washed all of the gel out of it, and was now nearly back to where it was earlier. His Saiya-jin blood showed.

                Turning around, Zarbon swept a hand over the city. "This, my friends, is Capitol."

                Both Gokou and Gohan stared around in awe at the sheer technology of the place, While Piccolo stood back, in a completely rigid posture, arms folded, not smiling in the least. He was quite unimpressed. In the Armour, he looked even less satisfied.

                "What? The air's not to your liking?"

                Piccolo grunted something unintelligible. Zarbon smiled back at him.

                "And a good day to you too, sir."

                Piccolo grunted again, and walked away over toward Gohan and his father.

                Zarbon shook his head, smiling, as the Namek walked away.

                "He won't be any trouble, he's just a grouch," Came Bardock's voice from behind Zarbon.

                "I figured as much."

                Zangya came out of the ship and gave Zarbon a weak smile- one of the best that she was ever really able to manage.

                "We did it. We actually got the boy back here. Do you think that he's enough to impress Cold?"

                Zarbon looked at the Gohan before answering her. "I don't know. He's only really shown his power four times, if what Gokou and Bardock said can be trusted- and I think it can. I don't know about it, but it seems that he only gets powerful when he's angry. Still, the boy does have potential..."

                "But potential doesn't mean much to Cold unless there's something to show for it."

                Zarbon nodded. "True, true. he won't accept it as a face unless we have some solid proof that-"

                Zarbon didn't finish his sentence, as he saw Salad driving up in her old air-car.

                "How does that woman find these things out?" he said as she pulled in and got out, waving and smiling.

                Zarbon rushed up to her and gave her a quick kiss before introducing her to everybody else.

                "Gokou, Gohan, Piccolo, I'd like you to meet Salad. She's my-"

                "Salad!" Gokou interrupted. "Zarbon's been telling us all about you!" He basically knocked her over offering her a hand. Salad took it and gave him one of her typical smiles.

                "And what exactly did he say about me?"

                Gokou gave a confused look. "I forgot..." he trailed off. Salad laughed a bit, then bent down to Gohan's level.

                "And who's this?"

                "That's Gohan, dear," Zarbon said, smiling.

                "Gohan? Is that the kid you were talking about? He's cute. He looks like his father,  innocent and utterly adorable."

                "You'll never believe how much, either," Zarbon commented as she turned to meet Piccolo.

                "And who are you? Zarbon, you never told me that there was a Namek on earth! Is that planet some sort of way station?"

                Piccolo smirked and shook her hand. "Somebody has to tell me what a namek is, someday. maybe then I can answer your question. It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss."

                She gave him a sideways smile. "That's ma'am, not miss."

                Piccolo rolled his eyes. "I don't know what the difference is, and I don't think that I ever will."

                Salad turned back to Zarbon and gave him a quick hug. "You're on the wrong planet," was all that she said.


                "You heard me. Cold is on Planet Vegeta right now. You might want to go over there."

                Zarbon smiled and patted her on the head in what was obviously some sort of inside joke. "Thanks. I'll be heading over there, then."

                She held onto him a bit tighter. "Are you planning on leaving me behind again?" She asked, looking into his eyes with a specific puppy-dog look that he had trouble resisting.

                "What do you think?" he answered.

                Piccolo just shook his head. "I'll never understand it. Never."