††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† †† ††††CHAPTER SIXTY-THREE: THE SURPRISE






††††††††††† Gokou was staring at the ceiling again, this time with Gohan asleep on his chest. life was more than good. Life was indescribably perfect. Except for one thing- Gokou wanted his ornage gi back. he knew where it was, right in the closet, in fact, about a month's supply of them were there, but he had a nagging feeling that he was going to have to stay in the uncomfortable, tight-fitting Saiya-jin armour for at least the duration of the day. Gokou didn't like to wear Saiya-jin armour. The spandex made him itch. He preferred wearing a succession of identical gis every day- most of the time orange, but once in a long, long, while he might try blue.

††††††††††† There was a knock at the door, signaling the end of that day's quiet time.

††††††††††† Gokou got up as Gohan scurried off, completely awake in under a second. He answered the door. Gokou checked through the peephole and saw Zarbon standing out there, adjusting his braid. He opened the door with a sudden energetic burst of pure Gokou-ness, nearly knocking the blue alien off his feet.

††††††††††† "Zarbon! Come in!" Gokou shouted at him. Zarbon straightened his uniform before coming in.

††††††††††† "You've been having a good day, haven't you?"

††††††††††† "Of course!'

††††††††††† Zarbon smiled and put a hand on Gokou's shoulder. "Are you ready for some training?"

††††††††††† Gokou laughed. "Don't talk to me like I'm a little kid! Of course I am! Training where?"

††††††††††† "It's in one of the Capitol's Training rooms. We'll want Piccolo and Gohan, too."

††††††††††† "Great!" Gokou exclaimed, turning toward his son. "A little exercise should do us good!"

††††††††††† Zarbon smiled at him. "I'll go get Zangya. You see if you can make Piccolo move."

††††††††††† Gokou nodded and went off to find the Namek and convince him to come train with them.

††††††††††† Gokou's instincts were right. He did have to wear that Saiya-jin armour that day.




††††††††††† Zarbon took a quick head count, to make sure that both Sons and the namek were there- after that last incident, it was always best to be doubly sure of their whereabouts.

††††††††††† He put his card key into the training room lock.

††††††††††† "I believe this is the room that Bardock and Seripa rented out for us. If either one fo them were here, we'd know for sure- but who knows where they are."

††††††††††† He unlocked the door, opened it, and stepped inside of the training room. About a half second later, Zarbon burst out and slammed the door, breathing extremely heavily. He looked shocked, and was sweating. His skin tone was about two shades a deeper blue.

††††††††††† "You know, I think the training room's busy at the moment," he said very, very slowly and deliberately."

††††††††††† "Let's train outside for right now. Itíll help broaden you range if we fight under some more... normal conditions," he declared, walking away with some rather jittery steps.

††††††††††† "What was in there?" Gokou asked him.

††††††††††† "Your father," Zarbon answered, "And don't ask any more questions."




††††††††††† The sky lit up that afternoon with the sights and sounds of several titans training in the heavens. They chose to spar over one of the planet's many barren deserts, thus minimizing any possible property damage or loss of life. Training in the outdoors helped with one type of fighting that could not be properly cultivated inside an enclosed room- aerial battle. The five of them circled and attacked, almost in a dance, for hours on end that day. Neither Bardock nor Seripa joined them. Zarbon figured that they would probably be pretty exhausted, after all.

††††††††††† They stopped training as the last ray of sunlight dipped below the horizon. The entire group stopped, and looked over each other. They were injured, slightly, but overall seemed in a better conidtion than when they started- even Gohan, the little boy. Training sessions that went the way this one did were rare, and to be treasured. Even Zangya was smiling at the end of it. She gave Zarbon a nominal head-nod, as if to thank him for bringing her out there.

††††††††††† Afterward, Piccolo took Zarbon aside.

††††††††††† "They say that there are two ways to truly know a man's nature," The Namek started, "One way is to look into his face when he is asleep. The other is to fight alongised him."

††††††††††† Zarbon nodded. "Yes?"

††††††††††† "I have just fought alongside you for an entire day, watching, and I now know more about you than I ever could have dreamed of knowing. I take back what I said about not trusting you. it may have been valid then, but it is not now. You are a noble man, Zarbon." He nodded his head in less of a bow than Zangya had given Zarbon before.

††††††††††† Zarbon cocked his head at this very unusual action of Piccolo's. "You really trust me? I'm responsible for the deaths of more people than you'd ever know. I follow orders, and I kill. And yet you still trust me?"

††††††††††† Piccolo nodded. "My father thought he was the devil, but you know that already. If you were to be given those kinds of orders right now, I wouldn't think you'd carry them out. Being around Gokou can change people, many people. Don't be surprised that you are one of them."

††††††††††† And with that, Piccolo turned around and left Zarbon to ponder those last few words alone in the night-filled streets of the Saiya-jin Capitol City, before he returned to his home, his warm bed, and his wife.




††††††††††† The next day, Zarbon asked Bardock about the incident with the training room. Bardock didn't give a verbal response.




††††††††††† Two days after that, he still wasn't talking about it, but he was grinning like the devil.

††††††††††† After a few hours of this constant, irritating, smiling, Zarbon decided to confront him on the issue.

††††††††††† "Bardock, what's going on?"

††††††††††† Bardock simply smiled at him.

††††††††††† "Bardock, why are you smiling?"

††††††††††† Bardock grinned some more.

††††††††††† Zarbon narrowed his eyes. "She's pregnant, isn't she?" he asked.

††††††††††† Bardock replied with one simple sentence. "I've always said that the most beautiful thing in existence is a pregnant woman."

††††††††††† And that was the end of the conversation.