"Look, Gokou," Zarbon said, rather irritated. "You can't just interrupt a training session for a phone call. It completely messes up the rhythm of everything. You of all people should know that."

            While Zarbon was talking, Gokou was half-hopping up and down in a strange, child-like, tense excitement that bordered on insane frenzy.

            "But... but Zarbon! You don't understand! Chichi told me that if Gohan doesn't call her at three each afternoon, he'd never get to go anywhere else again!"

            Zarbon just stared at him. He understood perfectly.

            "You are aware of the time differences?"

            "Yeah!" Gokou enthused, "That's why she made me wear this watch!" he raised his right arm, showing a perfect little Mickey Mouse wristwatch. Zarbon didn't even want to know how it had survived all of the current training perfectly intact."

            "Just go make your call," he muttered.

            "Gohan! Come on! It's time to call mommy!" Gokou shouted as he left the training room.

            Zarbon watched the boy follow his father, and offered them a smile. They really were remarkable, two members of one of the most violent races in all the universe- with no more cares on their hearts than calling home to mom. It's a simple fact that people could learn from those two, if they were only willing to listen. If only...

            Zarbon broke his own train of thought as he went back into the training room.

            To call the place a wreck would be to grossly understate the facts. The room itself was made for two, maybe three people, tops, to train in it, but somehow Zarbon, Zangya, Gokou, Gohan, and Piccolo had all managed to fit inside and spar- Bardock had elected to stay home with the mother of his as-of-yet unborn child. Because of this, the entire room had been blasted, pounded, and otherwise attacked from all angles to the point of no return- and they hadn't even turned on the gravity machine yet!

            Surveying the damage, Zarbon decided that the temporary pause in the training would be a good opportunity to get a new, larger training room.




            The phone rang in the Son Family House. Chichi had been watching it for the minutes, waiting. Waiting for the inevitable call. Waiting for her beloved husband and son who were who knows where in the galaxy, facing who knows what kind of dangers, and all for no good reason. They were late. Three minutes late.

            Chichi would use this to her advantage.

            She did not get her phone call at three O'clock- despite the fact that 3:10 is pretty darn close, ten minutes is ten minutes. She put on her best Warm, Motherly smile as she answered the phone- it was common knowledge that smiles carried over the line.

            "Son family residence," she answered.

            "Mommy!" Came Gohan's loud but loveable voice from over the phone.

            "Gohan? MY BABY!! Is it you?" She answered back, all thoughts of using their tardiness to her advantage having been swept away.

            "Hey, Chichi," Came Gokou's voice from obviously another phone line. "How's the house?"

            Chichi smiled- this time, a genuine one. "It's been perfectly spotless since you two left . Honestly, I think that you cause ALL of the messes around here."

            There came a crash from the other end, and Gokou's voice picked up again after a slight pause.

            "Sorry, Chichi- I just broke the other phone. I tripped on the cord and fell on it. Now there's a big mess to clean up! What were you saying?"

            Chichi couldn't help but laugh at the sheer timing of that incident.

            "Gohan?" she said, switching the subject so she could talk to her son, "How are your studies going?"

            "Great!" he shouted from the other end. "Miss Zangya's been helping me out! She's really quiet, but she knows a lot about math!"

            Chichi smiled again as she shook her head. "Math... The one subject that none of us could teach... Are you all right over there? No trouble at all?"

            "No, none!" Gohan smiled over the line. "Mr. Piccolo's been training me a little hard, but I'm happy!"

            "WHAT?" Chichi shouted, suddenly changing her tone. "Gokou! you tell him to leave my baby alone, or I won't let you people go out into space again!" She clenched the phone, and nearly broke it the way Gokou did his a few moments ago.

            "Now, now, Chichi, calm down-" Gokou started, but was interrupted.

            "Don't you tell me to calm down!" she yelled again, "I don't want that... that Demon hurting my Gohan! I want him to be a scholar!"

            "If he doesn't get a lot of training," Gokou said calmly, "The king of this planet won't be impressed with him, and he might blow up the earth, and then Gohan won't be able to be a scholar."

            Chichi was silent on the other end. There was no denying that logic. "Just tell him to go a little easier on Gohan, okay?"

            "Sure thing!" Gokou shouted loudly enough to make his wife jump. "I have some good news!"

            "What?" Chichi asked, expecting something benign- good food on the planet, or whatever.

            "You know how I told you about Bardock and Seripa?"

            Chichi nodded. "Yes..."

            "Well," Gokou chimed in, "Seripa's pregnant! I'm going to have a half-brother.. or sister... or whatever!"

            Chichi nearly fell over out of shock. "What was that?"

            "We just found out last evening! Seripa's going to have a baby!"

            Chichi smiled. "When's she due?"

            "In another nine months or so," Gokou responded. "You know what's funny? Ghan's going to have an uncle... or an aunt who's younger than he is!"

            Chichi nodded over the phone. "This is going to be very interesting. Are you sure?"

            "Yep!" Gokou shouted. "And you know what else! Zarbon says that he just ordered a visual phone line so you can connect to the tvs in Dr. Briefs' house... and we can see each other when we talk! Isn't that great!"

            Chichi did more than smile this time. She grinned. "Yes, that's wonderful!"

            "I miss you mommy," came Gohan's voice from over the phone line.

            Chichi teared a bit at the eyes. "I miss you too, baby. You make me proud." Chichi didn't care about that little slip- sometimes it was worth it to encourage them.

            "I guess I'll be seeing you soon, then, eh?" Gokou laughed a bit at his little joke.

            "Yeah..." Chichi trailed off. "Can you come home any sooner? A month is too long!"

            "I know, Chichi," Gokou replied, "but we have to stay here until king Cold gets back so we can meet with him, too. You understand?" his voice shook a bit at the end of that. Gokou missed his wife and home. "I promise I'll come back as soon as I can! I miss you!"

            "I miss you, mommy!" Gohan chimed in.

            "I miss you, too. I miss both of you. Gokou, please come home soon!"

            "I will. As soon as I can," He said, then switched back to the old Gokou again. "Is Bulma still mad at Yamucha for the thingie that you told me I'd never understand?"