"Are you sure that that thing is going to heal him?" Piccolo demanded of Zarbon. Zarbon just waved a hand.

            "Of course it will. Regeneration tanks are the height of technology. The only thing that they can't heal is death itself."

            Piccolo looked over at the boy in the tank, and snarled slightly. He didn't trust that which he didn't know- and he didn't know these.

            "Look, don't worry about it. I've been in and out of these tanks for years- and I don't even have a scar on me."

            Piccolo smirked. "Yes, you do. It's right on your face. Ugly one, too."

            Zarbon glanced up. "What? Where?"

            "Oh, I'm sorry," Piccolo replied, "That must be your nose I was talking about. Sorry about the mistake."

            Zarbon almost swung at him. Almost. And it would have been totally in jest, anyway. Of course. No real harm meant here. Nuh-uh.

            "The kid'll be fine," Zarbon repeated as an afterthought, and then the sound of Gokou laughing took up his attention.

            "What's gotten you going?" Zarbon asked, rather confused.

            "Oh," Gokou let out in between chuckles, "It's just that I was thinking about what Chichi would be doing right now! She'd-" Gokou never finished what he was saying. He simply burst out in laughter again.

            And this time, everybody joined him. Everyone, that is, except for the unconscious Gohan in the healing tank.




            The Royal Palace of Planet Vegeta stood in the center of its cultural Capitol, Plant City. Plant City was an extremely large metropolis, larger than most, and in light of that fact, the Royal palace was also made to an almost garish size. However, garish it was not. In recent years, the palace had been remodeled somewhat until it stood out from the older, cylindrical designs, and now resembled more of a techno-cathedral.

Inside that palace resided some of the greatest minds and military forces ever to grace the universe. It was truly an honour to be allowed inside even for a brief visit.

            Mind you, none of this was on young Gohan's mind as he was being led by the hand into the majestic structure. he was as nervous as Hell about who he was going to meet- and about the protocol that he'd have to follow. he could feel that his power had risen greatly- after Gohan had healed, he had trained alone with Piccolo. he could only guess at his power, but never in Gohan's wildest imagination would he have figured out that he stood at 10,000.

            And so, the little half-Saiya-jin boy named Son Gohan held the hand of his father as he walked into the building that could be his destiny... or his fate.




Corniss met them at the doorway. Bowing deeply, the Saiya-jin put his right hand on his chest and opened the doorway with the other.

            "May your meeting result in much triumph," he said in the official Saiya-jin greeting to one about to meet the King.

            "Corn, I've known you for years. Don't get so formal," Bardock replied jokingly as he led his family and non-family into the grand majestic throne room of the Lord of the Saiya-jin people.

            The Throne Room of the Saiya-jin Palace was an incredible sight. It had the same basic layout as King Cold's room, but the sweeping archways, multiple tapestries, and stained-glass windows gave it more of a gothic medieval theme.

            The rows of soldiers bowed as the four guests to the King came forth- Bardock, Gokou, Gohan, and Piccolo. They were the only ones invited.

            The King sat at his throne, with his illustrious son standing to his right and back a bit. Telling from the look on his face, the Prince was not in a mood to stand still for the entire day, but he apparently had no choice.

            All four of them knelt down as they reached the foot of the steps leading up to the throne, and King Vegeta waved his hand to signal that they were allowed to rise for the rest of the meeting. "Rise and state your business," The King said.

            Bardock was the first to rise, as he was nominated as their leader earlier.

            "My Lord the King," he began, "We have come here to request that the Planet Earth be declared safe from all Habitation, Sale, Colonization, or any necessary clearance by Force."

            "And why do you ask this?"

            "We ask it because the planet itself seems to have the strange capability to produce incredible warriors- and the DNA of its inhabitants, when mixed with Saiya-jin DNA, becomes a valuable asset." Bardock decided not to add the last part. /And my son lives there. I want him to keep his home./

            "Then why shouldn't we conquer it?" Vegeta asked him.

            "Because to do so might destroy its secret- and such power must never become publicly known. You already read my level, after I trained there. Now read my son's level- and that of his son, too."

            The king smirked. "Corniss, read them."