Corniss entered the room with a scouter. He checked both Gokou and Bardock simultaneously. "it's not surprising, sir. They're at 78,000 each."

"Check the boy."

"Ten thousand, sir. Not too shabby for a kid- but wasn't your son much better at his age?"

The King smirked. "He wasn't, but he was close. And if my good-for-nothing son could get near where that boy is right now, I see nothing special."

The Prince gave his father a look that read Death, but obviously didn't act on it.

"It's idiotically obvious that you had trained the boy like mad before bringing him here," the king continued, "And most likely beat him nearly to death to raise his level even more. I don't see any reason why we should spare your planet just on account of a slightly above-average level."

Piccolo rose up, somewhat incensed. "So you're just going to throw this out, then? Without even thinking about it? Do you realize what this boy could become if trained properly? I have trained him myself, and his potential is beyond anything that I have ever before witnessed!"

"What is a Namek doing here?" King Vegeta asked condescendingly, "And no wonder the boy's level is so low- that peace-loving race of snails is completely useless when it comes to fighting."

Piccolo growled at him, king or not. "You really want to see how 'Weak' we Nameks are? Then prepare to see my True Power!"

Piccolo let out a loud roar that filled up the entire room, and began charging. The mere force of his ki kept all guards at bay, however the king looked unimpressed.

"Read his ki for me, will you?" he asked Corniss.

"Seventy thousand, sir."

"Just as I thought. Lower than the others." King vegeta waved his hand dismissively, and zapped Piccolo with a rather weak ki blast that was still powerful enough to knock the Namek off his feet. It looked almost rehearsed.

"Take the Namek away, and charge him with assaulting Royalty," Vegeta said rather blandly. That was when Gohan blew up.

The little boy, barely high enough to reach his father's hip, exploded in a surge of pure rage and power that seemed to fill up the entire throne room, shattering the windows and throwing the poor, unfortunate guards back into the wall yet again. His eyes glowed in an unearthly white, outlined by his hot tears as he obviously seemed to think that his sensei and second father was already dead.

The screaming kid yelled something about hurting "Mr. Piccolo," and fired a huge Ki blast directly at King Vegeta, who just absorbed it easily. When the smoke cleared, he was laughing- not with an evil laugh, but with the laugh of a man who is pleasantly amused.

He clapped slowly.

"Very well done!" the King announced. "Corniss- what's his reading?"

Smiling, Corniss gave the stats. "Thirty-one thousand when hes at his peak, Sire."

The king nodded and turned to Piccolo. He stepped down from the throne and helped the Namek up by the hand. "I thank you for your help. You were 100% right in the matter. His level DOES go up when he's angry."

He turned over to the others. "Thank you for going along with this little test. I doubt that we could have seen the boy's true power without it."

Bardock waved a hand. "It was nothing, My Lord. We simply had to give him the proper motivation, that was all."

Gohan gave a confused look. "What's going on?" he asked his daddy, the person nearest to him.

"We played a practical joke on you, Gohan," Gokou smiled at him. "We had to show the king your power, so we talked him into faking this a few days ago while you were healing."

Gohan's eyes lit up. "Wow! Cool!"

Bardock turned back to the King. "Now, about making the Planet Earth safe..."




Fifteen minutes later, the four of them emerged from the palace, basically glowing with joy- King Vegeta had granted their request, provided that Cold agreed as well when he returned

from his current trip in three weeks.

They met Zarbon, Zangya, Seripa, and Salad outside.

Zarbon put his hand on Gokou's shoulder. "What did he say?" he asked, already knowing what the answer was going to be.

"He agreed!" Gokou enthused, "that is, if the other guy agrees, too! but we got one of them to agree! Isn't that good!"

"I wouldn't call anything good until you have the other signature, idiots," Came a voice from behind them. They all turned around to see Prince Vegeta, the heir apparent to the Throne of the Saiya-jin world.

"My prince! What are you doing here?" Seripa asked, bowing hastily. Zarbon simply folded his arms.

"Hello, Veggie. Here to harass me about joining us again?"

"Hardly!" The Prince scoffed, seemingly taking no offense at being called "Veggie." "I simply came to tell you that you should have taken the opportunity that I gave you while you could. It's too late now. You'll just have to live with it."

Zarbon was genuinely confused. "Live with what?" He asked.'

"Live with the fact that once the political proceedings die down, my father is going to assign me to a team- and it won't be yours."

"Last I heard, it was my suggestion that you ask him that you-"

"Silence, fool! Don't lie to me! You know very well that it was MY idea entirely to speak to my father the King about being assigned!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Zarbon dismissed him. "And I suppose that it was also your idea to trick Gohan into getting mad so we'd get an accurate reading of him."

The prince scowled. "I will let that comment go because you are too weak for me to even care about dispatching for the time being!"

"Translation from Vegeta-ese," Zarbon started, "Thank you so much for helping me get off this mudball of a planet, I am so eternally grateful that you could call me cow dung and I'd thank you for it."

The prince gave Zarbon one of his typical looks, and then without a word turned on one heel and went back into the palace.

"Who was that strange man, daddy?" Gohan asked, tugging at his father's hand.

Gokou answered. "He's the prince of our race, Gohan. I think we're all doomed."