Name: Joseph Geil
Fighting Style: Metallican
Birthdate: 10/7
Age: 45
Nationality: Obelisk
Blood Type: O
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 228 lbs
Likes: Not much
Favorite Food: usually steak of some sort
Best Sport: None, but can excel at any
Important Things: Shenna, Judas
Dislikes: Pretentious people


Name: Judas Priest
Fighting Style: He's an animal. He fights like one.
Birthdate: 6/5
Age: 6
Nationality: Bred in Obelisk
Blood Type: N/A
Height: 9'5" (length)
Weight: 932 lbs
Likes: Geil, tasty treats
Favorite Food: Food
Best Sport: N/A
Important Things: Geil, food, Shenna, food
Dislikes: Non-food
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