Token Sama: your an admin right? or are you still a mod?
Kalandril: admin on monday
Token Sama: k
Kalandril: ^_^
Token Sama: then i deman..err..ask you to so something, or i will be fucking pissed about my banning, and that it shouldnt be so
Kalandril: huh?
Token Sama:, it should be made illegal to link to
Token Sama: i like the site
Kalandril: oh?
Token Sama: but it has hentai on it
Token Sama: and thats why i was baned
Token Sama: shin akuma just linked to it
Kalandril: hmmm
Kalandril: ok
Token Sama: and it pisses me off that just because a siye has hentai on it, that it should ba banable. yet if the site doesnt have alot, or the hentai is the minority, then its okay
Token Sama: just letting you know
Kalandril: O see...
Kalandril: okay
Token Sama: monday huh?
Token Sama: cool
Kalandril: *I'll be saving this convo and sending it
Kalandril: yeah
Token Sama: yep...and its a stupid rule...but, forget that right now
Token Sama: whats up?
Token Sama: okay
Token Sama: cool
Token Sama: to whom? or just in mod haven?
Token Sama: this wont egt me unbaned, but at least i wont be pised everytime someone links to it.:-)
Token Sama: so, whats up?
Token Sama: is being a bitch
Kalandril: k